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Mountain Meadows is an award-winning, resident-owned, 55+ active retirement community in Ashland, Oregon.
Nestled in Southern Oregon's scenic Rogue Valley, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Southern Oregon University, 
Ashland is a center for music, art, theater, and outdoor activities.


Hollis Peach
The photograph above speaks volumes about “Hollis Peach”, the folk duo that entertained us so delightfully on Thursday afternoon, January 19th. It wasn’t a full house, but those who attended were treated to an uplifting hour,,,,

Welcome Deanna Cowan
We welcome Deanna Cowan to the RCM staff. She will assume many of Stephanie's duties and will be in the same location. She’ll also be the first point of contact for the condo associations. Stop by and introduce yourself. 

Music at the Meadows Scholarship
Have you seen the scholarship fund thermometer in the Clubhouse? It shows that we’ve received a little under 25% of the needed donations and pledges for the four-year CMC Music Scholarship. This scholarship provides a deserving student a $5000 stipend for each of four years of study as a Music Major at SOU...

The Lark
Attention authors: The deadline for submission for the spring edition of "The Lark", our literary magazine, is Wednesday, February 15th. Without you, there is no "Lark". Please gear your piece...

This Week's Birthdays
You will find birthdays under the main menu title, "About Us".

Featured Event

On Tuesday, January 10th, Rich Stickle and other staff members of the Ashland Food Project came to the Mountain Meadows Board meeting to honor our community for our generous contributions to the project. In December, Mountain Meadows residents donated $2,300 allocating about $700 to the Ashland Food Project and $1,600 to the local Ashland Emergency Food Bank. We were also recognized for our amazing growth in participation. In the past two years, with Megan Hempstead and her team in charge of the food drive, donors have grown in number from 25 to 66. Our generosity is very important to efforts to provide food and necessities to the homeless and the hungry.

Donations of food have also increased. Rich said that a total of 27,299 pounds of food was collected in the month of December. A new yearly record was set in 2016 with nearly 150,000 pounds of food donated to the Food Bank. The Ashland Emergency Food Bank is located at 650 Clover Lane off Highway 66 in Ashland. Mountain Meadows residents can join the Ashland Food Project as either donor or volunteer by contacting Megan Hempstead at <meganhmp@gmail.com>. 

The Food Project is about people helping people in Ashland and Jackson County and in 50 towns across the United States. Such a worthy cause!

Photo by Paula Silverberg

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