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Mountain Meadows is an award-winning, resident-owned, 55+ active retirement community in Ashland, Oregon.
Nestled in Southern Oregon's scenic Rogue Valley, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Southern Oregon University, 
Ashland is a center for music, art, theater, and outdoor activities.


It will take 75% "yes" votes from owners to approve the new CC&R's and Bylaws documents. We are aiming for a 95% return of the ballots and we're almost there. Deadline for submission is Friday, November 27th. Have you voted?

Food Services Update
It has become a custom for people who have a balance on their resident food budget to use their balance to order food in bulk to go. Desserts, cookies, lamb and steak (vacuum-sealed), etc. This is causing a hardship on the kitchen and the serving staff. What to do...

Friday Forum with Dennis Holeman
What is GPS? What are Geographic Information Systems? How do they work? Why are electronic maps replacing paper ones? What vulnerability has GPS created? Should we be concerned? All this and much more...

Arts, Crafts & Collectible Sale
Please take time to thank Candy Wooding for organizing the wonderful Arts, Crafts and Collectibles Sale on Saturday. It was a huge accomplishment. Though the figures are not in, success was apparent as cashiers were kept busy well into the afternoon. Of course, Candy didn't do it alone. Residents and SRS staff worked hard to put it all together. Thanks to all who volunteered time, talent and energy to this profitable and fun event!

Happy Birthday!
11/21 Ann Andavall
11/21 Julia Tucker
11/22 Roy Sutton
11/25 Gideon Wizansky

Featured Event

            A-TISKET, A-TASKET,

On Saturday, November 21, the Clubhouse was crowded with eager shoppers. The Mountain Meadows Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles Sale featured original arts and crafts in the Mount Ashland Room with merchandise beautifully displayed by the artists. Featured in the Rogue, Jefferson and Bear Creek Rooms were more hand-made crafts as well as paintings, objets d’art, antiques and collectibles.

The focus of much excitement was the basket display in the main lobby. Twelve beautiful theme baskets were created by Jean Buechele. Tom Buechele and friends hawked tickets all day. It was estimated before the drawing at 4:00 pm that the raffle had brought in over $600.
The following were the lucky winners of the Basket Raffle::
Marc Ratner - The Birders Basket
Sarah Johnson - Music Basket
Beverly Hoy (AKA “Lucky Hoy”) - Emergency Preparedness Basket
*Ellen Gardener - Wine & Chocolate Basket
Beverly “Lucky” Hoy Chocolate Basket
Martha Amlin - Glass and Brass Wine Cooler Basket
Amelia Franke - Coffee & Tea Basket
Bobbie Kinsinger - Picnic By The Sea Basket
*Kelly - Office Basket
Eva Fugitt - Pamper Yourself Basket
Dennis Holeman - Christmas Sleigh Basket
Gerry Goozee - Feline Friends Basket

It will take time to determine the net receipts. Watch here for the results! The proceeds go to the Community Art Fund to purchase utilitarian and artful objects needed in common areas on the Mountain Meadows campus.
Photo by Nancy Wynkoop

Upcoming Events

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