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Mountain Meadows is an award-winning, resident-owned, 55+ active retirement community in Ashland, Oregon.
Nestled in Southern Oregon's scenic Rogue Valley, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Southern Oregon University, 
Ashland is a center for music, art, theater, and outdoor activities.


Come to the Cabaret!
Calling to your attention the fact that the Cabaret this week is on Wednesday, not the usual Friday. Scheduling became difficult and the change was necessary. That means that you will need to sign up early in the week to get a seat.

Capital Campaign
Do you have questions about the Capital Campaign Fund Drive going on right now at Mountain Meadows? Harriet Berman invites you to join a member of the Fundraising Team for lunch on Thursdays, 12:00 noon at the round Community Table in the Dining Room...

Featured Film & Dinner
The featured cuisine for May’s international film and buffet will be Japanese. The film is the 1985 Japanese comedy Tampopo, and food is the theme – ramen noodles, to be exact. Make your dining room reservations for Chef Bill Brown’s Japanese-inspired buffet on Wednesday, May 25...

Music at the Meadows
On Thursday, May 26th at 4:00 pm in the Mt. Ashland Room, vocalist, Laura Derocher, accompanied by Brent Olstad, will present a new show that features famous songs that were sung by female stars who changed the face of the music business. Also...

Happy Birthday!
5/22   Megan Hempstead
5/22   Mona Stromer
5/22   Mary Jane Tonge
5/23   Judy Sherr
​5/24   Barbara Fitch
5/24   Gennie MacKinnon

Featured Event

             MY FAVORITE TEAM
By Bethany Metcalf
Above is the name chosen by Ashland students for their Robotics Team. When their entrance in a competition is announced, it forces the announcer to say, "Our NEXT competitor is MY FAVORITE TEAM!" Such clever young people—in more ways than one!

Last week we were revisited by the Ashland High School Robotics Team and they brought the functioning robot that they created for this year's competition. What a treat it was to see the video of their competition, and the actual robot. We sat, listening in awe as they told us what they had learned the past year. The team has grown larger each year and several girls have joined. 

Last year they scored 50th out of 152 teams. This year they were 37th out of 158 teams. Progress! The cost of entering this competition is about $30,000, including materials and travel to competition. MM was very generous last fall, donating $1,000 to their cause. 

The team created a new word to describe the quality most important to the work they do together. They combine  cooperation and competition and call it "COOPERTITION". It is obvious these young people are completely dedicated to their task, to the competition, and to the learning that their work together generates. 

In the fall, we plan to visit their building site at the high school and watch their creative process. Gerry Goozee has volunteered to bring her delicious cookies.          
Photo by Bobbie Kinsinger

Upcoming Events

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