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Mountain Meadows is an award-winning, resident-owned, 55+ active retirement community in Ashland, Oregon.
Nestled in Southern Oregon's scenic Rogue Valley, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Southern Oregon University, 
Ashland is a center for music, art, theater, and outdoor activities.


Friday Forum
On Friday, October 24th, in the Mt. Ashland Room, Tom Buechele talked to us about his experiences on the Mexican border, and told us why so many children are attempting to cross into the United States.

Pictures for the Roster
Get your picture taken. Smile!
Where: MM Art Gallery space offered by Madeline and Hunter Hill.
Photographer: Diana O’Farrell, studio and event photographer.
The date and time: 
Sat., Nov. 8th, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Gretchen in the Daily
Our own Gretchen Lizotte was featured in the Daily Tidings.
Check it out! 


Natalie Tyler Memorial
Natalie Tyler passed away on Friday, September 26th. A celebration of her life will be held in the Mt. Ashland Room on Saturday, November 1st at 2:00 pm.

Election information

By David Lane 
Some interesting websites providing information for local, state an national elections: 1.  The Ashland Chamber of Commerce hosts candidate forums for City Council positions, for our local state Senator and Representative seats, and for the County Sheriff's race.  

Best wishes to:
10/25 Sylvan Anapolsky

Featured Event

    Wildlife Images: Our “Pet” Charity
The Wildlife Images program on Wednesday morning was even better than usual!  It was an exceptional event in every way. Nubs, the American Badger, was in a very peppy, happy mood and strutted his stuff all around and through the crowd amidst "oohs" and "ahhs!"  It’s obvious why Nubs (waddle waddle) is a perennial favorite at Mountain Meadows. 

Defiance, a 15-year-old bald eagle, stretched and flapped his wings wildly and deposited his feathers on the Mt. Ashland Room carpet. At least twice during his turn, he drew laughs from the audience as he ruffled his handler’s hair into a wild do! 

The baby skunk, Scratch, about 6 months old and de-scented, was cute and cuddly.  He was very social and willing to be petted.  His sister, Sniff, was not in a cooperative traveling mood, so you will have to go to Wildlife Images to see her. We learned that skunks are almost blind, but have a great sense of smell and hearing.  

Van Gogh, a screech owl, won everyone’s heart because of his diminutive  size. He was given his name because of a missing ear and eye. 

Lots of new residents were in attendance and there were questions galore! Celia Moss passed around a sheet for sign-ups for a possible field trip to WI and got MANY, MANY signatures. You should have found a donation envelope in your message box stamped Mountain Meadows. When you mail in a contribution, Wildlife Images will credit your contribution to our community, which, over the years has already generously donated $27,000 in support of this educational rehabilitation center. Help us surpass last year’s totals.

Upcoming Events

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