Upcoming Events and Dates

Events and Activities:

Following Covid-19 safety policies established by the Oregon Department of Health and Safety, Mountain Meadows has canceled all events with face-to-face attendence of more than 10 people, all non-essential meetings, and all activities involving close proximity of participants. We hope to return to our typical busy schedule in the very near future. 

As noted in Covid policies elsewhere on this website, the Library, Workshop, Craft Room, and Fitness Center are open under supervision and with restrictions.

Governance groups, community committees and several of the activity groups are continuing to hold meetings online via Zoom. These meetings are open to all residents and invitations may be requested by the meeting organizer or CPM staff.

Upcoming Meetings and Events include

Tuesday, September 15, 1:30 pm           Anti-Racism Group Meeting — Zoom


Thursday, September 17, 2 pm                Food Services Committee Meeting —Zoom

Thursday, September 17, 3:30 pm        Chautauqua Home: Measuring Nations — Zoom

Friday, September 18, 10 am                    Parkside Board Meeting — Zoom

Saturday, September 19, 8:15 am          Saturday bicycle ride Due to the air quality the bike ride is cancelled

Monday, September 21, 1 pm                   Hillside Board Meeting — Zoom

Wednesday, September 23, 11 am       Call-In with Gretchen & Weny — Zoom

Wednesday, September 23, 1:30 pm   Grounds & Natural Areas Committee — Zoom

Thursday, September 24, 10 am             Community Marketing Committee Meeting — Zoom

Friday, September 25, 10 am                    Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting — Zoom

Tuesday, September 29, 4:30 pm            Annual RCM Management Picnic – Residence Delivery only

Tuesday, October 13, 1:30 pm                  MM Book Club – Zoom



The Anti-Racism Discussion Group which grew out of enthusiastically received book discussions this summer is now independent of the MM Book Group and led by Tamsin Taylor.  It is still MM but focused on racism-related topics. Our next discussion will be Tuesday, September 15, at 1:30 PM. In this meeting we will go a little deeper into our exploration of the roots of racism in this country. In preparation for our discussion, please watch the TED talk video by Isabel Wilkerson on The Great Migration. Wilkerson is also the author of The Great Migration, and more recently Caste: The Origins of our Discontents.

In October, Gina Duquenne, Ashland City Council candidate, is willing to join us for a more local conversation about racism.  This is not a fundraising talk. We may move toward how to be an anti-racist in terms of policy as well as our deep learning.

Please let Tamsin Taylor know if you do or do not want to be on this email list:

Best wishes all!



America First, Deutschland Uber Alles, Happy Kingdom, World’s Breadbasket, Home of the Free and so on.  National success in the US is tied almost exclusively to economic prosperity, in the form of our GDP—Gross Domestic Product. But what measures of success are most meaningful – best tied to the welfare of its people?  Is GDP the best way to measure national well-being?  John Tyler will conduct a Chautauqua at Home exploration of this topic on Zoom at 3:30 PM, Thursday, September 17.

If you’ve been in a Chautauqua at Home before, an invitation will automatically be sent to you.

If you’ve not joined in before and would like to try it, please contact Rich Kinsinger for an invitation.

If you’d like to be removed from the invitation list, an email to the same address will do it.



September 29 is the date of this year's annual Management Picnic Day. Like previous years, Morrison will be donating the chicken & tri tip, Bill and Joyce Prahl (Mama Mia Food Truck) will be onsite grilling the meat and veggies. However, unlike previous years, we will not be able to enjoy the picnic with one another, so the on-site staff will be delivering this special meal to you.  Contact the resident services assistant via email or phone, and she will make a note so we can deliver extra veggies to you. Stay well and see you around the neighborhood!  ~RCM Management Team



The MM Book Club will meet on Zoom, October 13 (second Tuesday of the month at 1:30 PM), to discuss A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende. This book is only in hardcover, but if you want a copy for $13.99, Donna Taylor can order it for you. Our Library has one copy. If someone would like to volunteer to lead the discussion, please contact Donna.

The following titles for future meeting dates are our current thoughts.  Dates have changed:

• November 10: The Kurdish Bike by Alesa Lightbourne

• January 12, after our holiday break: The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes (Our Library has 3 copies.) You might like to read a companion book: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. (Our Library has a regular and large print copy.)