Frequently Asked Questions

How much are monthly costs?

Residents buy or rent their own properties at costs comparable to other real estate in the area.

Each residential unit is billed monthly for Mountain Meadows Owners Association dues, which provides access to all Clubhouse facilities, exterior landscaping, basic maintenance services maintenance and a contribution to the facility reserve funds, and for food services which covers dining room staffing and overhead expenses, plus a basic meal allowance of $85. Additional meals may be purchased for marginal costs of food and are billed on a monthly basis.  As of January, 2020, monthly owners dues for one person are $651 for one person in the household and $831 for two people.

In addition, condominium owners pay monthly dues for maintenance of common facilities and contribution to a reserve fund for long-term expenses. These dues range from $162 to $344 per unit based on the size and location of the condominum.


Do you allow pets?

Yes. Many residents have pet dogs or cats – two pets per household are permitted without specific permission, and the Mountain Meadows Owners Association can make exceptions as appropriate.

Can I buy a property to use as a rental?

Yes. Owners can lease the residences they own for long-term occupancy, as long as at least one occupant of the unit is over 55 years old and the owner is paying the MMOA dues and food services on behalf of the renters.


Is local transportation available?

Yes. Ground transportation in the area is available from taxis, online ride-sharing services and shuttles. The Rogue Valley Transportation District ( offers the Ashland Connection, an on-demand van service that picks up and delivers passengers to key Ashland destinations at the same rate as the standard bus ($1 for seniors).  Valley Lift offers service to and from  Mountain Meadows for residents whose physical disabilities prevent them from using regular bus service. In addition,  residents request and offer rides to one another using our internal email exchange.


May I run a business from my home?

Residents may have their own businesses, subject to county, state and federal laws, as long as those businesses don’t involve regular visits to the home by customers, clients or employees.


Can I have children or grandchildren stay with me?

Yes. There are no specific rules that prevent residents from having guests of any age stay with them in their homes.


How is Mountain Meadows different from other 55+ communities?

  • We residents own our own homes.
  • There is no buy-in fee to move here because there is no corporate ownership.
  • We govern the affairs of the community with resident leaders elected by the owners.
  • We take primary responsibility to plan and manage our own activities.