THRIVE: Transportation

Getting around the Ashland/Medford area is surprisingly easy, with short distances and relatively little traffic. (For us, a traffic delay is when a family of deer is crossing Mountain Avenue.) Ground transportation within the area is available by taxis, shuttles, and ride-hailing companies. The Rogue Valley International Airport offers frequent flights to regional hubs. Virtual travel for business or pleasure is readily available through several state-of-the-art Internet service providers.


Convenient personal transportation
As a community of active adults, most of us drive our own cars when we need to go beyond Mountain Meadows. Fortunately it is easy to drive around the area, with local resources close by and parking convenient. Medford’s many and varied retail centers are only 20 minutes north on Interstate 5.


Ground Transportation
Taxis, shuttles and Internet ride-hailing services are readily available in the Rogue Valley. In this small town, local taxi companies have an excellent reputation for providing transportation with phone request. Both Uber and Lyft now operate in Ashland and Medford, making it possible to go where you want to go, when you want to go, without having to drive or worry about parking. Valley Lift offers service between  Mountain Meadows and local destinations for residents whose physical disabilities prevent them from using regular bus service.


Air Travel
The area is served by the Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, about 30 minutes from Mountain Meadows. This small and convenient regional airport offers connecting flights to major hubs, including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver on Alaska, American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United. Ashland also has a general aviation airport a short distance from downtown.


Community one-to-one assistance
Within Mountain Meadows, residents share rides and provide transportation assistance to one another. Our informal Mountain Meadows email exchange offers residents a convenient way to ask for rides and offer transportation to one another.