Healthy Living at Mountain Meadows

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The importance of good health to a satisfying quality of life has been a part of Mountain Meadows planning since the very beginning. Our facilities provide numerous opportunities to stay active, participate in organized programs, and enjoy a healthy diet. Having new experiences is a proven ingredient for staying young, and we organize our group activities, cultural events and casual interaction opportunities with that goal in mind.

Staying Active
Staying active and independent is a cornerstone of healthy living at Mountain Meadows. We join neighbors or independently take advantage of the numerous opportunities – walking paths, well-equipped Fitness Center and indoor pool – for physical activity. We offer quality instruction on a free and fee basis in physical and mental exercise classes and programs for all levels of ability.

Leading and Participating in Organized Programs
We challenge ourselves in personal growth by engaging in new activities or sharpening old ones – yoga,  bridge, ping-pong, billiards, poker, darts, water volleyball, chorus, recorder, handbells, and theater.

Enjoying a Healthy Diet
We fuel our bodies with numerous healthy menu options chosen from a balanced nutrition program prepared by our talented chef in the restaurant-like Meadowlark Dining Room. Dining together provides a real sense of camaraderie among old and new friends alike.

Seeking New Experiences
Each Interest Group offers opportunities both to maintain involvement in existing hobbies and activities as well as to learn new skills. From pool and poker to gardening and woodworking, there are myriad opportunities to take up new interests or revive and hone old skills

Building Friendship
Friendships are easily formed in a small community like Mountain Meadows. In addition to the activities we organize, our Clubhouse with its small lounges and sitting areas and our walking paths and parks provide excellent opportunities to just pause and chat. Coffee and conversation around the fireplace in the mornings and happy hour before Friday dinners are popular regular gatherings.

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