At Mountain Meadows, we thrive in the marvelous cultural and natural environment of Ashland and the surrounding Rogue Valley, while enjoying fine and casual dining. Ashland also offers a variety of opportunities to volunteer to support cultural activities, community services, charities and schools. Ashland and nearby Medford offer excellent healthcare services, and transportation services are readily available.

Culture & Entertainment

Ashland is best known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but the town and valley abound with live theater and musical performances, as well as cultural and art festivals of all kinds. In addition, Ashland has a museum of art, a science museum, and movie theaters. Local sports teams play in Ashland and Medford ... Learn More >>

Outdoor Activities

With the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains and open spaces, outdoor recreation buffs can easily find opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, river rafting and fishing. The 18 parks within Ashland’s city limits offer casual nearby locations for picnicking and nature walks. ... Learn More >>

Fine & Casual Dining

With the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, other artistic events and recreational activities, Ashland attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. As a consequence, the town is able to maintain a large number of top-level restaurants and craft breweries, and the climate and geology of the region support a growing wine industry ... Learn More >>


Giving back through volunteering is an important endeavor at Mountain Meadows, and our residents have developed a variety of opportunities to share their life experiences within our own community and more broadly in the Rogue Valley. ... Learn More >>


Mountain Meadows has no health care facilities or services on campus, but excellent health care is abundantly available in our area. The Rogue Valley is home to two major medical facilities, both with excellent ratings, and the area attracts high quality health care providers. In addition, the Rogue Valley has been a center of alternative medicine, physical therapy and health spas for over a century. Learn More >>


Getting around the Ashland/Medford area is surprisingly easy, with short distances and relatively little traffic. (For us, a traffic delay is when a family of deer is crossing Mountain Avenue.) Ground transportation within the area is available by taxis, shuttles and ride-hailing companies. The Rogue Valley International Airport offers frequent flights to regional hubs. Virtual travel for business or pleasure is readily available through several state-of-the-art internet service providers. ... Learn More >>