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Different types of homes in Mountain Meadows

OWN: Our Homes

Our 226 properties, grouped in individual neighborhoods, currently home to nearly 300 residents, vary in styles, sizes, and floor plans. The neighborhoods include two- and three-story condominium buildings and single-family houses. All homes are part of the Mountain Meadows Owners Association.

Three-story condominium buildings
Two three-story multi-unit condominiums – Pavilion and Parkside – offer one- to three-bedroom residences, with a wide variety of floor plans, sharing lower-level garage parking. Parkside Condominiums adjoin the Clubhouse.

Three Story Condos

One- and two-story condominium clusters
Two condominium clusters – Hillside Condos and Plum Ridge Condos – are unusual in design and take advantage of the slope of the hills. Called “over/unders,” these are one-level residences stacked with one unit over another in two- and four-unit groups. These condos are primarily two-bedroom residences, each with its own outside entrance and single-car garage.

815 Boulder Creek 4-25-19 copy

Single-family houses
Single-family houses comprise the remaining neighborhoods. These dwellings include freestanding two- and three-bedroom homes (a few with upper stories) and cottages sharing a common wall. All include one- or two-car garages.

Single Family Houses

Mountain Meadows Realty maintains its office on the campus, representing many homes for sale by residents.  For a selection of the various types of residences for sale, visit their website For other homes for sale in the community, visit  a multiple listing website such as and look specifically for homes in Mountain Meadows, Ashland, Oregon.