GOVERN: MMOA Committees

MMOA has a committee system that provides oversight for the various activities of the community. Committees provide advice and feedback to the MMOA Board and the three professional service companies based on resident and owner input, as well as carrying out projects and programs that benefit the community.


Committee Membership
Committees are made up of volunteers elected by the committee members and approved by the MMOA Board. An MMOA Board member is assigned to each committee to provide a Board perspective and assure Board awareness of the many activities and initiatives underway.

Committee Functions
Committees provide input to the MMOA Board and the three professional service companies. Each committee meets on a set schedule, with meetings open to any person wishing to attend. Agendas are published in advance, and minutes are published after the meeting.

Current Standing Committees (as of 2022)
Activities & Events (including Clubhouse Seasonal Décor,
Library, and External Relations subcommittees)
Architectural Review
Community Art
Community Marketing (including marketing website design subcommittee)
Compliance (Committee of MMOA Board)
Emergency Preparedness & Safety
Finance (including Reserve Subcommittee)
Food Services
Grounds & Natural Areas
Long Range Planning
Management Evaluations (Committee of MMOA Board)
Resident Services