GOVERN: Governing Groups

All Mountain Meadows owners belong to the Mountain Meadows Owners Association (MMOA). Owners of dwellings in the four condominium neighborhoods belong to their condominium associations as well. Each association is governed by its own board, which is elected by its owners.


Established governance policies
Each organization – MMOA and the four condominiums – is guided by its own set of governing documents: Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations, which are available on the resident website and on request by prospective residents.

The MMOA Board
Seven owners, elected by all homeowners in Mountain Meadows, are chosen at the annual meeting in January for rotating 3-year terms and constitute the directors of MMOA. Officers are chosen by the Board following the annual meeting. This important group of elected owners makes policy and financial decisions for the community and works with the professional management staff to guide operations. Their role includes oversight of management, dining and landscaping contracts as well as approval of resolutions, including those brought by the various committees.

The Condo Boards
Each condominium association has its own governing board to deal with matters directly associated with their condominium and its owners. Condo board members are elected in January by the owners in each condominium, with officers chosen by each board following the election. Condo boards have responsibility for maintaining sufficient reserves to meet the ongoing upkeep of building structures and common elements.

Governing documents are available here


MMOA 2020 Board of Directors