Shared Resources

GOVERN: Professional Management of Shared Resources

To support us in the day-to-day operations and management of our campus, the MMOA Board contracts with professional companies in three areas: community management, food services and landscaping.


Community Management
MMOA and the condominiums jointly contract with a professional management company to aid in managing the community. The professional management company provides a full-time community director and support staff including an operations administrator, maintenace coordinator, resident services director, receptionist, fitness supervisor, and maintenance technicians. The management company works closely with the boards of MMOA and the condominiums to coordinate the needs of all organizations. The community director attends most MMOA committee and condominium association meetings to maintain up-to-date knowledge on community activities and concerns.

Food Services
MMOA contracts with a food services company for the operation of the Meadowlark Dining Room and kitchen. The food service company’s on-site Director of Dining Services hires and oversees the friendly and efficient waitstaff, while the Executive Chef runs the kitchen. Through surveys and comment cards, the food service is constantly responsive to residents’ needs and preferences. The Director of Dining Services and the Executive Chef attend the MMOA Food Services Committee meetings.

Landscaping & Grounds
Maintenance of the extensive landscape of our natural areas, parks and grounds is contracted with a landscaping organization. The landscaping on the street sides of single-family homes is maintained by the landscaping company unless owners prefer to do it themselves in accordance with MMOA landscaping rules. Senior landscaping staff attend the MMOA Grounds and Natural Areas Committee meetings as well as most MMOA Board meetings to maintain awareness of community needs and concerns.